North American Resource Capital

Tuesday, 07 June 2016 16:31

North American Resource Capital is owned and operated by Richard Cassiano, who has been in the finance industry over 30 years.  North American Resource Capital is a conduit to lenders for the past 20 years, for businesses that are not finding the financing they need where they are looking, and for those that make more money at what they do best, then spending precious time looking for financing.

Lenders range from Banking, to Commercial, to Private Institutions.

We have a unique perspective, knowing what the prerequisites of numerous Lenders are, for: Business Loans;  Loans for Start-ups; Lines of Credit; Mortgages; Working Capital, and most financing a business may need.

The advantages of working with North American are:

North American customers include: Great South Bay Brewery; Café Havana; Mama Lisa’s; Mama Mia’s of Northport; Nautilus Diner; Champion Performance Chiropractic; Stafford Associates, Dean Witter Reynolds; Smith Klein Beecham; Rutgers University; Georgetown University, All; and many other industries and professionals.